We don’t all have the money to buy the latest phone and keep up to date with the most recent release of the iPhone.

And, it doesn’t matter. At least it shouldn’t, if you are able to shop smart.

www.iRepairEdmonton.ca would never say never, when it comes to buying a second hand smart phone, but we would advise caution.

So, what are the questions that you should ask the seller – and yourself – before you even think about buying a new second hand phone?

  1. The first and foremost question that you need to ask yourself before parting with any money at all, is do I trust the seller? This is really the crux of the issue and often, it is one that only you an answer. Use your head, but also trust your gut instinct. When it comes to the world of ‘bargains’, especially in second hand phones, it is really important to be suspicious of something that is too good to be true or far too low in price. Anything that is abnormally low in price is more than likely to be a) defective in some way or b) stolen or worse still c) defective and stolen. Making sure that you are not buying stolen goods should be easy enough. Ensure that you are in a respectable premises. A respectable merchant will not buy stolen goods, but beware on line sellers, small ads and fly pitchers.
  2. Next, check the phone carefully. Don’t be allowed to be talked into a purchase by the vendor. If they are not going to allow you to check the goods for yourself, then simply walk away. You want to know that it works before you buy. Look carefully for scratches, dents and any other marks on the phone – checking the camera thoroughly as well.
  3. Now look at all the ports on the phone – these would be the USB points and any headphone jacks there are. Don’t stop there – you want to see where the SIM card slots in and anything else that can open on the phone, is actually working properly prior to purchase. If possible, you want to actually test that these work before purchasing. At least, you want to see if they look damaged or not.
  4. Is the phone unlocked and if not, can the vendor unlock it for you?
  5. Can you actually charge the phone up? Will it take your SIM card? Can you get it working and make a call or text from it, prior to purchase?

Check these basic points and you are more likely not to be disappointed with your second hand cellphone!