If you have shattered your iPhone screen it can feel like the end of the world. Also, it might feel like the end of your credit card, as repairs can be notoriously expensive to fix!

So, it might be at least worth an attempt at fixing it yourself, before you give up and hand it over to a certified repair shop. The good news is that here in Edmonton there are a range of trusted shops, sites and centers that mend cellphones. It is possible to buy a whole range of spare parts for your iPhone, from both eBay and Amazon, but there are other sites as well.

Before you begin you will probably need:

  • A replacement screen (iPhone 5c) and all the small, fiddly bits that go with it.
  • IPhone (5c) tool kit: including 5 point security screwdriver, a suction cup for removing the screen, a #000 screwdriver, a spudger tool.
  • A razor blade.
  1. First, turn the power off your iPhone.
  2. Take off the dock screws. These are the screws on the screen which connect it to the frame. They are on either edge of the dock connector. Now you will need to use your 5 point security screwdriver to take them off.
  3. Take off the broken screen. Here you will need to employ the suction cup you have bought. Line it up with the home button on your phone and then stick it to your screen.
  4. Now hold your iPhone with one hand and pull lightly on the suction cup, until the bottom of the screen comes loose. It should be possible to now remove the other edges of the screen by using your fingers. Now the logic board beneath the screen should be visible.
  5. If the suction cup does not do the job, then use your razor blade very carefully to prize the screen out.
  6. Next, take off the four screws that are securing the cover to the display cables. Here, you must use your #000 screwdriver. All four screws are different sizes, so take care to keep them safe and make sure you put the right ones back in.
  7. Now that you have taken out the four screws, you can carefully take off the shield over the cables and lay it to one side.
  8. Using the spudger tool, take the three cables out.
  9. Now your display assembly is separate from the rest of the phone.
  10. Change the broken screen. With your new screen, attach the three cables onto the logic board of the iPhone.
  11. Now re-cover the display shield and those four screws that you set aside earlier.
  12. Place the screen on the phone and fasten it in. Don’t push too hard and make sure it is correctly aligned before you begin.
  13. With your security screwdriver, now put back the two dock screws that you took out.
  14. Now test your phone! Make an experimental call and check the earpiece is correct. Also check typing on the touch screen. Does it work properly? Are there any spots which don’t seem to be connecting?
  15. Also check the front camera, to make sure that is right and make sure that the home button is working as well.

If your phone works fine after all this vigorous testing, then you have successfully repaired your iPhone!

Now all you have to do is make sure that you don’t drop it again!

It might be an idea to invest in a case and even some tempered glass to protect the screen.